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Nick D challenges the fastest man in India, Aditya Patel, talk about their history, and how he uses content marketing to get closer to his fans.
Nick D and beauty influencer, Leonore "Leo" Christa, discuss beauty trends, food, and the world of social media.
Nick D and Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch star and fishing legend, Josh Harris, talk Get Him to the Greek, indecent proposals, and partying with the crop of the cream.
Nick D and former competition swimmer and breaststroke specialist, Ed Moses, talk steak, swimming, and staying - kind of - grounded after Olympic gold.
Presented by Quantum Pigeon, Chirp & Chat is an innovative, online talk show that offers a bird’s eye view of the digital content creator scene around the world. Our multi-talented host, Hong Kong-based Nick Daryanani, interviews creators of all kinds to gain fresh perspectives on how disruptive technologies are changing the way we connect, communicate and share content, now and in the future.

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