Francie Baldwin's Successful Monetization Strategies For QP

After generating more than $250,000 on QP, Francie is sharing her favorite strategies

In our first Monetization Workshop (watch the full webinar recording here), Francie Baldwin, CEO of the JT Foxx organization, dissected how she uses QP to help her organization and its businesses make more money. The challenge for many entrepreneurs who are getting started is figuring out how to make it as easy as possible for those early customers to give you money. 

Setting up a merchant account to adding payment forms that integrate with CMS and accounting systems can be a lot of work, especially when you're starting. 

Francie shared her process to help her run a successful business.

The Problem With Social Media Monetization

Old social media channels make it incredibly hard to monetize or even get approval to monetize (here's looking at you, Clubhouse). 

QP allows creators to monetize access to content, communities, ideas, or self. And each time, it takes less than five minutes to set up. 

So, how did she do it?

From Ad Hoc Business Ideas

Depending on the size of the events, QP allows her to quickly organize a virtual workshop, an online program, or simply a special purchase and get buy-in from 1,000s of people, minimizing the risk of losing the sale because they need to fill out a form on a website or on an iPad in the back of the room. 

To Channel Creation

As the ideas emerge, she grabs her phone, and less than 5 minutes later, she can monetize her idea.

  1. She presses "create new channel"
  2. Adds a title, something catchy and easy to find
  3. Adds a graphic (you can create something fancy in Canva but any image will do. Time is of the essence)
  4. Add a description
  5. Add a few tags that make your channel show up in the search results
  6. Decide on a pricing strategy and when the next payment will happen again
  7. Limit the number of subscribers (if you want to keep it exclusive)

To Letting People know

Once you have set up your channel, you need to let people know how they can find your channel, let them subscribe, and essentially purchase a ticket for the next event. 


Another monetization technique Francie shared is the creation of a newsletter (check out The Net Worth Newsletter for $7 per month) as a low-level, high-high value entry point. 

She used QP's deeplinking feature to send out specific email campaigns to their existing database and added the newsletter link to their email footers to maximize exposure. 

How did she set it up? 

Again, all it took was 5 minutes:

  1. She presses "create new channel"
  2. Adds a catchy newsletter title
  3. Adds a graphic (you can add GIFs)
  4. Add a catchy description
  5. Add those tags to make your channel pop up in the search results
  6. Add a monthly subscription
  7. No need to add a limit to your subscribers

Don't Sit On Business Ideas But Act

Francie's message is clear, the moment you think, "I think someone would pay me for this advice," or "I could promote this," start a QP channel and use your existing Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok following to monetize. 

All you need to do after that is record a video of yourself talking about the awesome content you have created and how it will help your audience. 

QP cut the landing pages, websites, shopping carts, CRMs, and email sequences out of the sales process and made it easier than ever to start monetizing your following. 

Need to send an update? Message your channel. 

Bonus Tip #1

We thought this was brilliant. 

To ensure people know they are subscribed to a channel, Francie puts up two posts on some workshop channels. 

Her first (free) post says, "If you cannot see the blue post that says, 'congratulations,' you don't have a ticket."

Her other (paid) post - in blue - says, "Congratulations. You have a ticket for this event."

This made it incredibly simple to communicate with people that do and do not have access. 

Bonus Tip #2

Use QP to A/B test business ideas. 

Because channel creation is free, you can try out different ideas before wasting time on creating things they never sell. 

Put your channel up, drive your followers to the channel, and see if they are willing to buy it before you start creating content. 


Whether you are a one-person show or even with a huge team, QP allows you to come up with ideas that you might want to sell on the fly. 

It has made it easier than ever for followers to give money. 

The steps are simple:

  1. Press "create new channel"
  2. Add a title
  3. Add a graphic
  4. Add a description
  5. Add the tags
  6. Add a monthly subscription plan
  7. Limit to your subscribers
  8. Promote your channel to your followers

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