QP CEO Alex Clark interviewed on the Building The Future Podcast

Check out the podcast interview with CEO and Founder of QP, Alex Clark and @kevinhorek on @iambuildingthefuture.

With millions of listeners/viewers a month, Building the Future focuses on interviews with startup founders, and entrepreneurs who are helping make the world better through technology innovation.

Alex talks to Kevin about everything from what first sparked his interest in tech, advice on building the next big thing, and how QP is turning individual creators into their own social media platforms to connect with audiences more authentically and earn more income.

Listen to the full interview on the Building the Future podcast.


About QP™

QP is the first premium messaging app designed to help content creators more authentically engage with audiences to monetize their brands. Leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, QP offers content creators unprecedented privacy, security and control over their content and their brands. QP Messenger™ includes high-impact audience interaction and content distribution with multiple channels, profiles, privacy and control that is free for everyone. QP+® offers advanced features, automation, audience insights and trends by monthly subscription. QP Network™ features defined channels offering exclusive content, publishing and monetization made available through paid access. To learn more about QP visit: www.qp.me

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