Messenger-First Social Media Platform, QP™ is Empowering the Creator Economy

Vancouver, BC, November 15, 2021/CNW/-- QP enables creators to engage, interact & monetize their content in a private & secure way

QP, the revolutionary messenger-first social media platform designed to help creators of all kinds engage, interact & monetize their content, today announced the launch of the latest release of its highly anticipated app. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play, QP is jam-packed with unique features that empower all creators to take back privacy, security, ownership and control of their content and audience base.

In this latest release of QP, the following features are available to all users:
Messaging: Creators can access premium messenger with privacy, content editing/delete functions & much more.
Channels: Users can create and subscribe to channels or easily collaborate with other creators to build content together. QP has launched its own channel which features exclusive content with key creators.
Donations: Creators can easily get paid for their creativity and expertise through seamless tipping & donation options that are built into QP.
New ways to connect: Users can connect with others via a unique connection or QR code instead of giving up their phone number or other personal info.
Multiple Profiles: Creators can leverage multiple, personalized profiles to brand themselves more effectively to different audience types.

Levelling the Playing Field for Creators

QP was purpose-built with the goal of elevating the content creator journey by solving the common challenges that today’s major social media platforms present both creators and the consumers of their content. To fuel the creation and launch of the app, QP recently closed $7.54 million CAD ($6.03 million USD) in seed capital.

"The big social media players have clearly lost the trust of their users by putting profits before people," says Alex Clark, Founder & CEO of QP. Market dominating apps like Facebook utilize ad-based business models which force creators to choose platform that are inherently incentivized to sell their privacy and the creators as the ‘product’ itself. That’s a major problem and that’s exactly what we set out to fix with QP.”

QP’s ground-breaking creator-first approach disrupts the social media market by enabling pressure-free communication between content producers and their fans while ensuring that creators retain 90% of their hard-earned income. “At QP, we’re all about empowering talented creators to harness their passions to become creative entrepreneurs and business owners,” says Clark. “Content creators are now flocking to alternative apps, like QP, that focus on driving creator equity. Today’s creators have the power and the choice to switch to innovative, new tools that are specifically built to help them get paid fairly for their creative talents.

QP’s Growing Content Creator Community

QP is quickly becoming the front runner in the next wave of social media, signing the likes of popular creators such as Team USA Swimmer, Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist & World Champion Ed Moses, acclaimed actress Jewel Staite, and Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch reality TV star Josh Harris to name a few. Ed Moses recently shared his experience as a content creator on QP’s Instagram Live and on the first episode of QP’s digital talk show, Chirp & Chat. QP’s content creator community represents 52.1 million followers and the company has set its sights on a user benchmark of 100 million by early 2022.

Jewel Staite says, "QP is a great platform where everyone can be their authentic self, have different profiles, and connect with 100% of their audience. It’s proof that social media can be a force for good and a great way to reach fans rather than a wedge between creators and their communities."

Join QP’s Virtual Launch Event on Nov. 16

QP is hosting its first virtual launch event on November 16, 2021. Join this event to hear QP’s Founder & CEO, Alex Clark discuss his vision for the company, the app and how QP plans to solve some of the biggest challenges with social media today. You'll hear from QP’s original creator, Nick Daryanani, who'll interview Alex and discuss Chirp & Chat, QP's online talk show that focuses on the digital content creator scene.

DATE: November 16, 2021
TIME: 5:00 – 5:45 pm (PST)

Clark’s History of Disrupting Markets with Innovative Tech
QP is brought to the market by seasoned technology innovator, Alex Clark, who was a Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect at Bit Stew Systems, the premier data integration platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In 2016, Bit Stew was acquired by General Electric for $153 million (USD) and made waves by becoming one of the largest venture-backed exits in Canadian tech history.


About QP™

QP is a messenger-first social media platform designed to help creators of all kinds engage, interact & monetize their content. Access QP’s premium messenger with end-to-end encryption which allows you to keep your messages secure. You can start creating content and subscribing to channels on QP, and easily collab with other creators to build awesome content together. Through the tipping & donation options on QP, you can get paid for what your expertise and creativity is actually worth. To learn more, download QP on the App Store or on Google Play or visit

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