Dealing with Multiple Personalities using QP


Most of us have a range of different social circles we run in. Whether it’s work colleagues, family, or friends who share different hobbies and interests, our connection to these groups is based on (often wildly!) different foundations. As an avid cyclist, I have friends who love to geek out over the latest bike models – and others whose eyes glaze over at the slightest mention of a Shimano derailleur. 

In real life, I, like everyone else, am able to enjoy those social circles by focusing on the interests we share. But social media can be a total obstacle course, as each one really only allows for one public stream. You'll surely recognize the frustration of trying to decide which of your professional colleagues should be trusted enough to allow into your personal feeds, or which of your surfing buddies is likely to be able to appreciate your latest win at work. It's been making me crazy for years.

And then I came across QP. 

I have been an active user of QP for over 6 months and one thing struck me: with one profile I can express multiple parts of my personality by using QP’s multi-channel capability. In my case I’ve expressed three distinct and different parts of myself. Equally importantly, I can make sure the right people are invited to, and participating with, each channel, Let me show you around a bit. 

One-Minute Entrepreneur 

In this channel, I’m focused on the the more polished business side of myself. My videos are one-minute segments that explain and demystify fairly complex business topics. I focus on areas of business expertise I have developed as a serial entrepreneur with a treasure trove of experience. My primary goal here is to leverage QP’s monetization capabilities and create an additional revenue stream for myself. As a result, I post well-researched and produced segments intended to appeal to a very specific, business-oriented audience. 

 One Minute Entrepreneur

Food and Travel 

Unlike my One-Minute Entrepreneur, this channel is focused on ‘in the moment’ photos and videos – all around food and travel. My wife and I are passionate abouttraveling the world looking for the best food, wine, and travel experiences, and this channel reflects the pure joy we get from finding unexpected and irresistible treats wherever we are. We’ve captured some great stuff from Paris, Bordeaux, and recently from our trip to Ecuador where we visited Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Quito. The audience for this channel is decidedly not business-heavy, and is far more likely to include family and close friends. 

Food & Travel

 Negative Zero 

Unlike my other two channels, this is a pure concept channel. In this channel I explore the other side of zero through music – mostly from the hundreds of concerts I’ve attended. I use QP’s video and photo capabilities to weave a set of concerts and bands that are, in all transparency a very big part of who I am. But this channel is distinctly separate from the other two: while my family tolerates my eclectic love of music, there are not so many who want to listen to my (admittedly nearly tireless) tirades about its deeper meaning. Thankfully, there’s a small subset of my social circle who shares my obsession, and this channel brings us closer together. 

Negatiove Zero 

Serving All My Personalities 

As you can see, these channels are all distinct from each other from both a content and user perspective– different followers, comments, reactions, if all based on what I choose to share. And yet, they all operate from a single account on a single platform, making it easy for me to indulge all my passions – while allowing my social circle to interact only with the content that interests them. 

I’m wondering what you think. Give it a try and let me know what you think. One profile with unlimited potential personalities. Imagine the possibilities… 


So, what’s your superpower?

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